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Ask Anything 2016 - Week 2, Section 3

Panel | Various Passages | 12/07/2016

Why is one-on-one discipleship undervalued in the church today (and our church it seems)? How can we make mentorship more easily available for students who come through our doors?

What is the purpose of spreading the gospel when God already knows who will and won't be saved?

It's easy to devalue our use in the church/spreading the gospel as a teenager. How can we turn from this way of thinking?

I have a friend who is a Mormon and refers to herself as a Christian in front of people whom I have invited to church before but still don't really know the gospel. I don't want my other friends to have a false perception of God because of how my Mormon friend acknowledges herself. How do I ask her about her faith and what she believes in a way that isn't completely disrespectful, but still assertive?