Ask Anything 2015

Ask Anything - Week 3

Panel | Various Passages | 12/16/2015

Is man fundamentally good or fundamentally evil? Did all things in the Bible actually happen? Are there other genres in Scripture like fables? Could Jonah be a fable? How do I share my struggles if I feel like my sin is too shameful to share with other Christians who seem very put together & inexperienced with extreme sin? Is it wrong to listen to rap music? Is there a certain denomination of Christianity that is 'right'? 

Ask Anything - Week 2

Panel | Various Passages | 12/9/2015

What are some ways to start conversations about the gospel with friends who can't come to youth group? What is predestination? If I get invited to a gay wedding, should I go to love them even though I don't 'support' their sin? Why can't women be pastors? Are men and women equal? Is it wrong for Christians to practice yoga or meditation? What does the Bible say about drugs? What does God say about abortion? How are we to respond to people who have had an abortion?

Ask Anything - Week 1

Panel | Various Passages | 12/2/2015

What do you think about dating in high school? How do we balance modern science and the Genesis creation account? Could God have used the big bang to create the universe? How can you feel or listen to God? If God is loving, all powerful & all knowing then why would He allow people to go to hell? Does God hear all prayers? Why does He answer some and not others?