Christmas Messages

A Shepherd Remembers

Tim Theule | Luke 2:1-52 | 12/24/2018

As we read the familiar story of Christmas, it's hard to imagine what the characters in the story were thinking and feeling.  And it's easy to miss the wonder.  This family-friendly first-person narrative message from the perspective of a shepherd is intended to bring us into the Christmas story in a fresh and vivid way. 

The Light Has Come!

Tim Theule | John 8:12 | 12/24/2016

The true story of Christmas begins, but not does end, with the birth of Jesus as a baby.  
On this Christmas Eve, we consider the huge claim, the amazing promise and the clear invitation of Jesus in John 8:12. 

The ABCs of Christmas

Tim Theule | Matthew 1:2 | 12/24/2015

Do you know that ABC's of Christmas?    This year we tell the greatest story in the world using the alphabet from A to Z.  

Christmas Eve 2014

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 12/24/2014

Christmas Eve 2012

Tim Theule | Luke | 12/24/2012

The Wonder of the Incarnation

Tim Theule | John 1:14 | 12/25/2011

In a dark world and a culture that has exploited the season, we battle to hang to the wonder and miracle of Christmas. At the heart of the madness, lies not the exchange of gifts or the beauty of decorated trees, or even precious family times together, but the mystery of the incarnation.