Easter Messages

A Living Hope

Tim Theule | 1 Peter 1:3-9 | 4/1/2018

Hope!  Our souls desperately need it and long for it.  The resurrection of Jesus is described in the Bible as a 'living hope.'  What does that mean? Why does it matter?  How can we get it?

Are You The King?

Miles Nelson | | 3/30/2018

Good News Fit for a King . . . and for You!

Tim Theule | | 4/16/2017

As we've been studying the book of Acts, it seemed fitting to look at one of the many resurrection messages in Acts for Easter this year.   Acts 26 is the record of the Apostle Paul's compelling proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus before King Agrippa.  All that Paul shares is timelessly relevant for our world today.  

Why a Tree?

Tim Theule | Psalm 22, Mark 15:22-39 | 4/14/2017

It's an intriguing thing in the book of Acts . . . three times the cross of Jesus is referred to as a tree.  Why a tree?


Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 15:1-9 | 3/27/2016

The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone and linch pin of the Christian faith.  But even if you are a skeptic and don't or can't believe that the resurrection of Jesus is true, you should WANT to believe it's true.  Here's why . . . 

It Is Finished - Good Friday 2016

Jeff Jennings | Isaiah 53:3-6, 10-12, John 19:1-30 | 3/25/2016

The tiny phrase, It is finished was uttered from Jesus on the cross right before he bowed his head and committed his spirit to God the Father. They are three words that contain an ocean of meaning, the entirety of the gospel, and take us to the doorstep of hope in the resurrection. 

Believing the Resurrection of Jesus

Tim Theule | John 20 | 4/5/2015

John, the author of the 4th Gospel tells us he's an eyewitness, telling the truth about what he himself saw.  So what did John see after the crucifixion of Jesus, can we believe it, and why should we?  

Good Friday 2015

Tim Theule | 1 Peter 1:10-13 | 4/3/2015

1 Peter 1:10-13 is an intriguing and one of the most thought-provoking passages in all the Bible.  It not only reminds us that the Bible is one massive story of God's grace climaxing in the person and work of Jesus Christ, but it also tells some amazing things about our salvation in Jesus Christ. 

What if Jesus Really Rose

Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 15:16-26 | 4/20/2014

There's a sense in which life is a big bet.  We all look at the data of the universe and bet our lives on what we make of that data.  The Christian Gospel is a bet based on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus.  If Jesus didn't rise, then Christianity is a sham.  The Bible is very candid about this fact in 1 Corinthians 15.  But if Jesus rose, then the implications and effects of that fact are sweeping, far reaching and world-changing.  

Good Friday 2014: The Dying Light

Jeff Jennings | Luke 23:44-49 | 4/18/2014

A darkened sun, a trembling earth, a torn curtain, a dying Savior - In life and death, Jesus Christ entrusted his spirit to God the Father. We too will see in our message from Luke 23:44-49, entitled, "The Dying Light," that we can entrust our souls to a God who has paid for sin. The innocent has died for the guilty! Praise God!

Is He REALLY Risen?

Tim Theule | Mark 16:1-8 | 3/31/2013


In our scientific and secular age, is it reasonable and rational to believe the Jesus of Nazareth actually rose bodily from the dead? Why would someone believe that today? This message pursues answers to those questions.

Surely Our Griefs He Bore

Tim Theule | Isaiah 53:4,Luke 22:44,1 Corinthians 5:21 | 3/29/2013

Easter 2012: Now Christ has been Raised from the Dead!

Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 15:1-23 | 4/8/2012

Is the resurrection of Jesus true? What does the resurrection of Jesus mean? Why does the resurrection of Jesus matter? Paul deals with all these questions and more in 1 Corinthians 15, rightly called “the resurrection chapter.”

Good Friday 2012: King Jesus Slays the Dragon

Tim Fox | Various Passages | 4/6/2012

Easter 2011: The Mercy of God in the Resurrection of Jesus

Tim Theule | 1 Peter 1:3-9 | 4/24/2011

In 1 Peter 1:3-9, the Apostle Peter says that God is to be blessed, praised and glorified because He has shown His mercy through the resurrection of Jesus Christ in 5 specific ways. If we know and trust Christ, these mercies are ours!  If we do not yet know and trust Christ, these mercies can be ours.  

Good Friday 2011: No Greater Love

Tim Theule | John 10:17-18,15:13 | 4/22/2011

When we look at the cross of Christ, what do we see? Is the cross an instance of divine child abuse or filicide? Some today would say so? But what does the Bible actually say? These texts in John tell us and help us think about and trust the Gospel for what it really is.

Easter 2010: Jesus Always Lives

Tim Theule | Hebrews 7:23-25 | 4/4/2010

Easter 2009: The Lord has Really Risen

Tim Theule | Luke 24:13-35 | 4/12/2009

Easter 2008: Resurrection Reverberations

Tim Theule | Galatians; Luke 23:50-24:12 | 3/23/2008

Easter 2007: The Resurrection of the Son of God

Tim Theule | Matthew 27:57-28:15 | 4/8/2007

Good Friday 2006: The Stone Which The Builders Rejected

Tim Theule | Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42 | 4/14/2006