Encounters With Jesus

Our Eternal King

Tim Theule | Matthew 28:1-20 | 4/21/2019

The resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of the Christian faith.  If the resurrection didn't happen, then Christianity is a farce and a like.  But it if DID happen, that changes history and everything else.   If it did happen, what does it mean?

The Dying King

Tim Theule | Matthew 27:11-50 | 4/19/2019

This year, across Easter Week, we've been looking to Jesus Our King.  The Promised King of Palm Sunday soon, by Friday, becomes The Dying King.  Matthew 27 shows u

The Promised King

Tim Theule | Matthew 21:1-16 | 4/14/2019

As we jump into Holy Week and Easter, we fix our eyes on Jesus our King.  In this first of 3 messages, we see Jesus presenting himself as the  'The Promised King' in Matthew 21:1-16.

Begging Jesus

Ben Collins | Mark 5:1-20 | 4/7/2019

As we continue to explore various Encounters with Jesus, this week we'll see how Jesus meets three different beggars: a group of demons, a group of Greeks, and one outcast.