Blessed 2B a Blessing

Brandon Hall | Various Passages | 11/6/2013

´┐╝Stay Connected

Brandon Hall | 1 John 4:19 | 10/30/2013


Brandon Hall | Various Passages | 10/27/2013

Job-Song of Solomon

Brandon Hall | Various Passages | 9/25/2013

God is constantly there and calling us to trust in him. We will see how the righteous suffer in Job, be reminded of our need to trust God all the time in Psalms, compare and contrast the wise from the wicked in Proverbs, see how God is in control all the time in Ecclesiastes and lastly look at how important it is to live wise and controlled lives using the gifts of love and sex the way God designed it to be in Song of Solomon. It all points to this question:
Does the way you live your life reflect a trust in Christ?

Hezekiah's Delight

Brandon Hall | 2 Kings 18-20 | 9/22/2013

Hezekiah was a man who desired to make right what others had wronged. He rebuilt the temple and reestablished the temple sacrifices, including organizing the priestly duties. He was dependent on God in times of need but also showed that he was somewhat self-centered in his purposes. We see our need to be completely delighted in the Lord and depend entirely on Him, leaving no room for sin.


Brandon Hall | Various Passages | 9/18/2013

Why Do I Need To Be Forgiven

Brandon Hall | Leviticus 16,Psalm 103:12 | 9/15/2013

Every story in the Bible is telling stories about God. Many are about how we as God’s creation sinned against a Holy God. Left on our own we will live lives of hurt, pain and suffering with no hope of change. God saw man's sinful state and loved us enough not to leave us this way. He sent His Son to forgive us our sins if we believe in Jesus. 

Genesis - Deuteronomy

Brandon Hall | Various Passages | 9/11/2013