Hear & Do - a Look at the Book of James

Gospel Living

Miles Nelson | James 5:1-20 | 5/18/2016

James finishes his letter by telling us that the gospel calls us to reject the world's standards, be patient in suffering, and to pray in faith.

Gospel-Driven Humility

Miles Nelson | James 4:1-17 | 5/11/2016

James 4 tells us how gospel-driven humility leads us to trust in God's provision, God's grace, and God's plan.

Taming the Tongue

Miles Nelson | James 3:1-18 | 5/4/2016

James gives us practical instruction on how our speech should reflect God's character.

James 2:14-26

Miles Nelson | James 2:14-26 | 4/13/2016

What is True Religion?

Miles Nelson | James 1:26-2:13 | 4/6/2016

Being a Doer of the Word

Miles Nelson | James 1:19-25 | 3/23/2016

James challenges us to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers as well. The point of hearing God's Word is to do it.

Finding Joy in the Hard Stuff

Miles Nelson | James 1:1-18 | 3/16/2016

The words in James 1:1-18 walk us through how God-given trials are meant to grow, solidify, and increase our faith.

Overview of James

Miles Nelson | James | 3/9/2016

Overview & historical background on the book of James