His Name Will be Called

His Name will be Called: Prince of Peace

Tim Theule | Isaiah 9:1-7 | 12/24/2010

The fourth title of Isaiah 9:6 is arguably the most troubling . . . .Prince of Peace. . . . because our world, our relationships and our lives are so conflicted and anything but peaceful.  What do we do with that?  How do we make sense of this?  The title 'Prince of Peace' and the coming of Christmas should remind us of these twin biblical truths.  

His Name will be Called: Eternal Father

Tim Theule | Isaiah 9:1-7 | 12/19/2010

The prophet Isaiah sees that our Savior's name will be called Eternal Father.  There are at least 3 mind-blowing senses in which Jesus is our Eternal Father.

His Name will be Called: Mighty God

Tim Theule | Isaiah 9:1-7 | 12/12/2010

We are a myopic people, who see only what is right in front of us. . . our problems, our suffering, our little lives.  As a result we long for a small savior.  But God's plan is bigger than us.  As a result, he has sent a ginormous Savior. . . Jesus, our Mighty God.

His Name will be Called: Wonderful Counselor

Tim Theule | Isaiah 9:1-7 | 12/5/2010