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How To Resist Temptation

Brandon Hall | Matthew 4:1-17 | 8/25/2013

Jesus being fully God and fully man was without any sin. He shows us that even though He is God He was still tempted and was able to resist. Let’s look to Jesus alone to empower us to resist Temptation through His Spirit. 

How To Master Money

Brandon Hall | Matthew 6:24 | 8/11/2013

Jesus gave everything to come and build a people who would trust him with everything. We are tempted to give God bits and pieces of us so we can have a life line when needed but God will demand nothing less than our everything. Money is a tough topic but the Bible has much to say about how we spend it.  Jesus says we can only serve him or money--who is your master?

How to Be a Christian

Josh Ernstrom | Proverbs 12:15 | 8/4/2013

How To Pray

Brandon Hall | Matthew 6:6-15 | 7/14/2013