Mark: Meeting Jesus

His Ascension

Al Streder | Various Scriptures | 12/29/2013

As we finish up our study Meeting Jesus, we’ll concentrate on the Ascension of Jesus to the right hand of the Father in Heaven.  What does the Ascension say about Jesus?  And what does it all mean to the church today?  Listen and find out!

His Resurrection

Tim Theule | Mark 15:42-16:8 | 12/22/2013

Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen indeed. In this unusual message the Sunday before Christmas, we consider the resurrection of Jesus and all that it means

His Crucifixion

Tim Theule | Mark 15:1-41 | 12/15/2013

Mark’s account of the crucifixion is sparse, yet he’s clearly trying to communicate a message to his readers.  His intent is not to give a detailed description of Christ’s suffering.  Rather, he aims to show its meaning. What does the crucifixion of Jesus mean?  Listen and find out.

His Arrest

Tim Theule | Mark 14:32-72 | 12/8/2013

What does Mark want us to see amidst the arrest and trial of Jesus in Mark 14?  Jesus Himself!  His Agony, His Submission, His Courage.

His Body & Blood

Jeff jennings | Mark 14:1-31 | 12/1/2013

This Sunday we will look at the Passover festival as celebrated by Jesus and His disciples. In the midst of the swirling activity of the plot to kill Jesus, the revelation of the betrayer, and the waffling disciples, we see the extravagant worship of one woman, and the mercy of Christ as He offers His body and blood to those who would abandon Him. Join us for “His Body & Blood.”

His Return

Tim Theule | Mark 13 | 11/24/2013

Just days before His death, Jesus prophesied the destruction of the Jerusalem temple and His own certain return. What does Mark 13 have to do with us? What are we supposed to know and do? Listen and find out.

His Wisdom

Tim Theule | Mark 12:1-44 | 11/17/2013

Mark 12 contains a series of questions, debates and conversations with the religious leaders of Jesusʼ day. At first glance, they appear unrelated and disconnected. But there is a uniting theme in all that Jesus says in these interchanges.

His Absolute Authority

Ken Peet | Mark 11:1-33 | 11/10/2013

The mission of Jesus’ ministry, which has been evident from the beginning of Mark’s gospel, has been his heading toward the cross, and resurrection.   The last 6 chapters share Mark’s account of the last seven days of Jesus’ ministry here on earth, prior to the cross.  In chapter 11 this week, we will see the absolute authority of the misunderstood Messiah expressed and explained.

His Greatness

Dale Barrett | Mark 10:32-52 | 11/3/2013

The greatness of Jesus, revealed in His suffering, His servanthood and His salvation, is magnified when we consider the greatness of our sin.  Jesus' question--'What do you want me to do for you?'--grabs our attention in this text.

His Salvation

Tim Theule | Mark 10:13-31 | 10/27/2013

What do children and a rich young ruler teach us about entering the kingdom of God? Listen and find out.

His Teaching on Marriage

Tim Theule | Mark 10:1-12 | 10/20/2013

Divorce was a reality of the 1st Century world of Jesus just as much as it is the 21st Century world. In Mark 10:1-12, the Pharisees come to test him on the topic. As usual, Jesus’ teaching on marriage is shocking, counter-cultural and very helpful.

His Discipleship Training

Tim Theule | Mark 9:30-50 | 10/13/2013

In Mark 9:30-50, Jesus pulls away from the crowds to invest time and teaching into the twelve disciples who will carry His Gospel to the world. In this text, we learn several critical qualities of Christian discipleship.

His Patience

Tim Theule | Mark 9:14-32 | 10/6/2013

May the cry of a father in Mark 9:24 be our continuing cry . . . “I do believe, help my unbelief.”

His Glory

Tim Theule | Mark 8:10-9:13 | 9/22/2013

In this message we come to the center point of Mark’s Gospel . . .  Mark 8:31, when Jesus begins to speak of his suffering and death.  To this point, He’s been demonstrating he is the Messiah King.  From this point forward He shows He is, at the same time, the Suffering Servant.   All along the way we see the disciples struggling to grasp who Jesus really is.

His Provision

Tim Theule | Mark 7:24-8:9 | 9/15/2013

Mark 7:24-8:9 contains a series of three miracles which, like all miracles, point to Jesus’ identity and meaning, but also to our spiritual condition and need.

His Diagnosis

Tim Theule | Mark 7:1-23 | 9/8/2013

What does Jesus’ non-conformity to and dismantling of the hand-washing practices of His day and culture have to do with our complicated lives today?  What is Jesus telling His listeners then and now?  Quite a bit, actually.  Listen and find out. 

His Compassion

Tim Theule | Mark 6:33-52 | 6/2/2013

Is your heart hardened to the truths of Jesus? The two miracles of Jesus in Mark 6 are intended to communicate the truth of who Jesus is.  The 12 didn’t get it or Him . . . do we?  Or like them, are our hearts hard?

His Mission

Tim Theule | Mark 6:1-32 | 5/26/2013

In Mark 6, we once again are reminded that following Jesus isn’t always easy, but often risky and costly.  Not all believe.  Some oppose.   Some attack.   And we’re reminded that the cross is coming.  

His Miracles

Tim Theule | Mark 5:21-43 | 5/19/2013

In Mark 5 we see the compassion and responsiveness of Jesus.

His Peace

Tim Theule | Mark 4:35-5:20 | 5/12/2013

After a chapter of parables, it’s back to the action in Mark 4:35 as Jesus brings peace to a stormy sea and peace to a troubled heart. But it’s a curious thing. . . even as He speaks peace, He inspires fear.

His Parables

Tim Theule | Mark 4:1-32 | 5/5/2013

Parables reveal. Parables conceal. Parables invite contemplation and deeper thought. Jesus speaks 3 provocative parables in Mark 4:1-34. “If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”

His Family

Tim Theule | Mark 3:6-35 | 4/28/2013

Amidst the demanding crowds, shouting demons, plotting religious leaders, and an embarrassed family, stands an ever-calm, ever-purposeful Jesus calling and sending and defining His disciples.

His Enemies

Tim Theule | Mark 2:13-3:6 | 4/21/2013

Early on, Mark shows us the growing opposition to much of the things Jesus said and did. In today’s world where hostility to the followers of the Christ and the claims of Christ is on the rise once more, we need to be reminded of the offense of Christ.

His Forgiveness

Tim Theule | Mark 2:1-12 | 4/14/2013

In Mark 2:1-13, a paralytic and his friends go to great lengths to get to Jesus with a desperate need. Jesus, once more, does the miraculous, the controversial, the incredible, the unexpected.

His Authority

Jeff Jennings | Mark 1:21-45 | 4/7/2013

The authority of Jesus is well established in Mark chapter 1. But it is an authority that doesn’t look like anything we have ever seen, and Jesus’ response to the crowds is a bit confusing. In our message entitled “His Authority,” we will see that Jesus’ exercise of authority had one purpose, and one path that was leading him to the “great exchange.”

His Call

Tim Theule | Mark 1:14-20 | 3/24/2013

As Jesus begins his ministry in Mark 1:14-20, we see his unmistakeable call.  But does this call apply to us?  And what are the marks of this call?

His Identity

Tim Theule | Mark 1:1-13 | 3/17/2013

Who is Jesus?  That’s a question with life-changing, world-changing implications.   That’s the question that Mark 1 addresses and answers.