Route 66: Old Testament History

The Bible is God's BIG Story of grace climaxing in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Every book in the Bible is one small part of this larger story and is pointing us in some way to Jesus.  Each message in our Route 66 series looks at one of the 66 books of the Bible.  In this part of our series, we look at the 12 historical books of the Old Testament.  


Tim Theule | Esther | 6/15/2014

The book of Esther, like all the Old Testament, points us to and prepares us for the coming of Jesus Christ.  Through an unlikely and unexpected deliverer God brings about a great deliverance for His people and we're reminded again that God is always working, even when we can't see Him.  


Tim Theule | Nehemiah 2:1-8 | 6/8/2014

The book of Nehemiah is how God stirs in one man a vision to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, how that vision is accomplished and the fruit of that vision.   Nehemiah is the last recorded Biblical history before the birth of Jesus.  


Tim Theule | Ezra 9:5-15 | 6/1/2014

Ezra tells the story of the return of the people of God by the hand of God to the land of God. . . and the challenges they faced there. 

2 Chronicles

Tim Theule | 2 Chronicles | 5/25/2014

2 Chronicles repeats the history the southern kingdom of Judah, for a generation coming out of exile and returning to the land of Israel.  The question for this and every generation of the Lord's people is 'Will they seek the Lord and do what is right in His sight?'  

1 Chronicles

Tim Theule | 1 Chronicles | 5/18/2014

1 Chronicles repeats much of the history of 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings.  Why is this story retold?  To whom?  And what are WE meant to see and learn here?  And how does 1 Chronicles point us to the Gospel?   Listen to find out.  

2 Kings

Tim Theule | 2 Kings | 5/4/2014

Second Kings shows God's steadfast lovingkindness to the nation of Israel over a 300 year period of decline until first Israel in the North and then Judah in the South is conquered and carried away into exile.  

1 Kings

Tim Theule | ! Kings 11:1-13 | 4/27/2014

First Kings tells the sad story of 'spiritual drift' and the devastating consequences in Israel after the righteous reign of David.  First Kings serves as a solemn warning to us about the constant threat of spiritual drift in our lives.  

2 Samuel

Tim Theule | 2 Samuel 12:1-15 | 4/13/2014

David's life is the most detailed and fully recorded life in all the Bible.  And there is much to learn about life and leadership from a study of David's life.  As First Samuel shows how David rises to power, Second Samuel shows how David handled his power . . . and not always well. 

1 Samuel

Tim Theule | 1 Samuel 15:1-13 | 4/6/2014

First Samuel offers a striking contrast between those who honor and trust the Lord as King and those who honor and trust themselves.  As such, it's filled with leadership lessons for all of us.  


Tim Theule | Ruth 1:1-21 | 3/30/2014

In the midst of the sad and dark period of the Judges, Ruth stands out as a harbinger of hope. It tells the story of Boaz, a 'kinsman-redeemer' and clearly points us to Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer.


Jeff Jennings | Judges 2:10b-23 | 3/23/2014

On the heels of Joshua’s admonition to “choose this day whom you will serve,” comes the book of Judges and the downward spiral of the next generation of God’s people. But we see God, rich in mercy, time and time again delivers His people through flawed leaders, graciously pointing us to our need for the ultimate Judge and King Jesus Christ


Tim Theule | Joshua 24:2-15 | 3/16/2014

Joshua represents the fulfillment of a 400 year old promise God made to Abraham. Finally, the people of God enter the Promised Land, led by Joshua, whose name means ''Yahweh Saves.' We, too, are led by Jesus, our true Joshua, who has lead us in conquest against our true enemies.