As we head into another Fall at Grace Central Coast filled with exciting horizons and new challenges, we’ll spend these Sundays in September considering the service of Jesus for us and how that is to drive our serving one another in the local church.  It’s a time for each of us to evaluate the places we serve and the places where servants are needed in our church.  If you are not yet serving, we’re challenging you to find a place to serve at Grace over the weeks in September.  

What is Your Next Step?

Tim Theule | Colossians 2:6-7 | 9/20/2015

Again and again and again the New Testament urges us to 'walk' in line with the Gospel we have received.  It's an interesting word picture and one worth pondering.  

The One Who Invites Us to Serve

Tim Theule | Matthew 14:13-36 | 9/13/2015

An often missed element of the Gospels is Jesus training of His followers for Gospel serving.   Matthew 14:13-36 shows us the unique way Jesus trained His disciples and how He trains us to serve.  

The One Who Came to Serve

Tim Theule | Mark 10:45 | 9/6/2015

Our Fall challenge is to serve at Grace Central Coast.  But who's got the time, the energy and bandwidth?  We desperately need a fresh perspective on The One Who Served Us in Mark 10.