Songs of Christmas

Our Songs of Christmas series will look at 4 individuals in the Gospel of Luke who hear of the coming of Jesus and respond with praise!  Their songs of Christmas will become our songs of Christmas over the next 4 weeks.  We hope you can join us and invite some friends.

Simeon's Song

Duane Johnson | Luke 2:29-35 | 12/30/2018

An older man, waiting for the fulfillment of a promise made to him, sees the child that keeps that promise and responds with a statement of praise that reminds us of different characteristics of our Lord.

Zechariah's Song

Ken Peet | Luke1:67-79 | 12/23/2018

Zechariah’s song of prophetic praise, called the Benedictus, comes after 9 months of not being able to hear or speak.  It speaks of the coming of Jesus as the horn of salvation from the house of David.

Mary's Song

Pat Curtis | Luke 1:46-55 | 12/16/2018

Mary responds to Elizabeth’s prophetic blessings by joyfully praising God because through the Savior to be born to her He is fulfilling His promises to Abraham and to Israel and will exalt the humble, reversing the Fall, turning the world right-side-up.

Gabriel's Song

Ben Collins | Luke 1:26–38 | 12/9/2018

Tim Keller notes that one of the great challenges of Christmas worship is that we go back to familiar words and familiar themes. Our hearts need to be addressed rather than lulled to sleep. Gabriel’s Song definitely didn’t lull Mary to sleep and this morning we will see its challenge for us today.