Summer Psalms, Book 3

How Lovely are Your Dwelling Places

Tim Theule | Psalm 84 | 9/18/2011

In Psalm 84, the Psalmist is delighting in the “house of the Lord” beginning with the refrain, “How lovely are Your dwelling places, O Lord of hosts!” What’s the Psalmist talking about? What does this have to do with us? Where is the place where God dwells today? This message explores these questions and more.

That the Generation to Come Might Know

Tim Theule | Psalm 78 | 9/11/2011

Psalm 78 contains a vital reminder that the mighty acts of God are to be proclaimed to
the next generation. It is not enough to think about now and our lives before the Lord,
but we must always be intentional and thinking about creating a context for faith among
the next generation.

God Saves, God Avenges, God is Praised

Tim Fox | Psalm 79 | 9/4/2011

In the midst of great pain and suffering, and in spite of their own faithlessness, Psalm 79 teaches God’s people to hope for vengeance and rescue from our ever-faithful God.


Doing Justice in an Unjust World

Tim Arlen | Psalm 82 | 8/28/2011

In a world shaken to its very foundations by out of control injustice, what is our hope for enduring justice in this world? Asaph points the way in Psalm 82 as he helps us see the relationship between God’s grace and doing justice.

Seeing Narrowly, Seeing Broadly

Tim Fox | Psalm 73 | 8/21/2011

It may easily appear that God does not care about how people behave: those actively opposed to God and his law often live comfortable lives, while those seeking to follow God often live with great suffering. In reality, though, God is actively against the wicked and will reward his faithful people, even as they selfishly and sinfully complain about his apparent lack of concern.

An Unending Cry For Salvation

Brandon Hall | Psalm 88 | 8/7/2011

Those who suffer look for compassion and salvation, but many times it is difficult for others to empathize with them because they truly have no idea what it looks like or feels like to suffer like they did. Through Psalm 88 we read of one who suffered much and yet unendingly cried out to God, his only hope for salvation.