The Gospel for Real Life

The Gospel & Our Church Life

Tim Theule | Philippians 2:1-18 | 9/16/2012


In our individualistic, consumeristic day, we must continually remind ourselves what the local church is and what the local church might become. In Philippians 2:1-18, we see Paul’s heart and desire for the Philippian church. It’s a fitting and challenging passage for us as we head into a new season of ministry at GraceSLO.

The Gospel & Your Body

Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 | 9/9/2012

How do your think about your body? How do you treat and pamper your body? Do you obsess about it or do you despise/neglect it? Once more we’re reminded that the Gospel is for real life as we consider all the Bible has to say about our bodies.

The Gospel & Your Suffering

Tim Theule | Zephaniah 3:17 | 8/26/2012

This message is different, combining some thoughts from Pastor Tim on Zephaniah 3:17 with Danny Oertli sharing his story of God’s presence in the midst of some really hard and inexplicable trials.


The Gospel & Your Aging

Tim Theule | Philippians 3:7-4:1 | 8/19/2012

In our youth-obsessed culture, we desperately need to hear and reflect on what the Bible has to say about inevitable and unavoidable process of aging. This message explores how the Gospel can transform our growing old.

The Gospel & Your Baptism

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 8/12/2012

Baptism is a gift of God to help make the Gospel real in our lives. It reminds us that the Gospel is not something we “tack on” to the edge of our lives, but something we’re immersed into.

The Gospel & Your Happiness

Jeff Jennings | Psalm 1 | 8/5/2012

Happiness. Is it possible, or is it the ever-illusive dream that only the naïve pursue? The bible promises “blessedness,” which correctly translates “happiness,” to the righteous ones of God. So why do you feel so little of it? This Sunday we will explore how the Gospel informs and fuels your happiness.

The Gospel & Your Words

Brandon Hall | Ephesians 4:29-30 | 7/29/2012

Everyday we communicate through words. They have the power to either tear down or build up one another; to communicate truth or a lie. This Sunday we will look at how the Gospel of Grace must season our words so that Christ would be exalted in our speech. 

The Gospel & Your Doubts

Al Streder | Mark 9:17-28 | 7/22/2012

Pastor Tim tackled the subject of the Gospel and technology last Sunday – a recent phenomenon. This week we will wrestle with a condition that has been present since Adam and Eve – DOUBT. Doubt remains a present reality. We all have it at one level or another. As Christians, what we do with doubt? How do we overcome the doubts that if left unchecked can leave us paralyzed? That’s what we’ll consider on Sunday morning.

The Gospel & Your Smartphone

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 7/15/2012

What does the Gospel have to do with our smartphones? Anything? We are living in a world that looks to smartphones and other technologies for various forms of “salvation.” We as believers, if we’re not careful and reflective can fall into the same.

The Gospel & Your Grudges

Tim Theule | Matthew 18:21-35 | 7/8/2012

Unless you never talk, live with or interact with people, you know that conflict is inevitable and unavoidable. We wrong each other. We sin against one another. We hurt one another. Then what? This message deals with the necessity and challenge of forgiveness.

The Gospel & Depression

Tim Fox | Various Passages | 7/1/2012

People, even godly Christians, suffer from varying degrees of depression. However, God’s remains our faithful Father, even if it feels as if life holds no meaning and that God is a cruel menace. For those of us who are depressed, we must strive to remember God’s goodness while seeking physical and spiritual remedies, and for those of us who know depressed people, we must strive to patiently remind them of God’s goodness while encouraging physical and spiritual remedies.

The Gospel & Your Food

Tim Fox | 1 Corinthians 10:23-11:1 | 6/24/2012

Christians are free to thankfully eat any food they want (any food!). However, we tend to either flaunt or deny this freedom. We must learn to honor God by eating any food with thankfulness, while also sometimes honoring Him by refusing some foods for the sake of weak Christians or non-Christians who may be offended by our “food freedom.”

The Gospel & Your Work

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 6/17/2012

Most men and many women spend the majority of their waking hours working. Some of us hate our work. Others of us overwork. Few of us have thoughtfully considered what the Bible teaches about work and how the Gospel relates to our work. This message explores these themes.

The Gospel & Church Covenants

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 6/10/2012


As GraceSLO moves toward Covenant Membership, many have asked, “Why are we using a signed written covenant?” This message answers that question by looking at the pattern of covenants in the Bible.

The Gospel & Our Church

Ken Peet | Acts 2:36-47 | 11/30/2008

The Gospel & Your Neighbors

Tim Theule | Titus 2:11-3:11; 1 Peter 3:13-18 | 11/23/2008

The Gospel & Your Suffering

Tim Theule | Romans 5:1-11 | 11/16/2008

The Gospel & Your Kids

Tim Theule | Luke 15:11-32 | 11/9/2008

The Gospel & Your Sex Life

Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 6:13-7:9 | 11/2/2008

The Gospel & Your Marriage, Pt.2

Tim Theule | Ephesians 5:18-33 | 10/26/2008

The Gospel & Your Marriage

Tim Theule | Ephesians 5:18-33 | 10/19/2008

The Gospel & Your Enemies

Tim Theule | Romans 12:14-21 | 10/12/2008

The Gospel & Your Politics

Tim Theule | 1 Peter 2:11-25 | 10/5/2008

The Gospel & Church Buildings

Tim Theule | John 20:19-31 | 9/28/2008

The Gospel for Real Life

Tim Theule | Colossians 2:1-7 | 9/21/2008