Genesis: The Life of Jacob

Return to Bethel

Tim Theule | Genesis 33:18-35:15 | 12/18/2011

In this final message of our “Life of Jacob” series, we once more see the collision of God’s scandalous grace and Jacob’s flawed faith as Jacob slowly is nudged to keep his promise and return to Bethel, the place where the Lord met Him.

Wrestling with God

Tim Theule | Genesis 32:1-33:17 | 12/11/2011

The wrestling of Jacob comes to the fitting climax in Genesis 32 as Jacob discovers that the Lord is who he’s been wrestling with all along. Here we’re reminded that we all wrestle with God and God, in His grace, stoops to wrestle with us.

Jacob's Exodus

Tim Theule | Genesis 31:17-55 | 12/4/2011

In this episode from “The Life of Jacob”, we see God’s providence in Jacob's flight, Laban’s pursuit, Rachel’s deception and the making of a covenant of peace.

Speckled Goats & Black Sheep

Tim Theule | Genesis 30:25-31:18 | 11/20/2011

Despite who Jacob is. . . a deceiving cheat, an obsessed idolater, a lazy husband and father . . . God loves him and has chosen, in His inscrutable grace, to bless Him. In this message, we see God’s hand upon His life once more . . .

A Tale of Two Sisters

Tim Theule | Genesis 29:30-30:24 | 11/13/2011

In this message, we see the struggle of Rachel and Leah for children, the love of Jacob and the blessing of God.  These gals and their competition remind us, once more, that only One can satisfy the deepest longings of our hearts.

Labor for Love

Tim Theule | Genesis 29:1-30 | 11/6/2011

In Genesis 29, the swindler Jacob falls in love and then falls victim to this uncle. Love leads him to move big rocks, make bad deals and work hard for 7 years. But what does this mean? Why are these stories here? What do Jacob’s trials teach us about ourselves?

The Gate of Heaven

Tim Theule | Genesis 28 | 10/30/2011

Genesis 28, like all the texts in the Jacob narrative, is strange and intriguing. Here Jacob encounters the Lord in a vision of the “gate of heaven.” This text looks back to Genesis 11 and forward to John 1:51, all the while pointing us to our “gate of heaven.”

Jacob’s Desire and Deceit

Tim Theule | Genesis 27 | 10/23/2011

Jacob, like all of us, is a man desperately trying to fill a hole in his heart. He rightly desires the blessing of God, but wrongly deceives to get it. And when he gets it, it is not what he expected. Often the blessings of God are disguised to us, too.

The Older Shall Serve the Younger

Tim Theule | Genesis 25:21-34 | 10/9/2011

We begin our study of Jacob’s life in Genesis 25:21-34, with a walk through Jacob’s stranger birth, troubled upbringing, and emerging struggle with Esau.

The Retirement of Isaac

Tim Theule | Genesis 25-27 | 10/2/2011

Our series is entitled, “The Life of Jacob” but before we get to Jacob, we need to take a quick look at Isaac.  A quick look, because that’s all the Bible gives us.  What does it mean that there’s only a chapter on the life of Isaac?  

Jacob The Wrestler

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 9/25/2011

This message introduces our study of the life of Jacob by asking the question “Why in the world would we want to study the life of a man who lived nearly 4 thousand years ago?   The life of Jacob is singular and unique in the bible for a number of reasons.   In this message we dive in . . .