Genesis: The Life of Joseph

Joseph As a Type of Christ

Tim Theule | ACTS 7:2-18 | 3/10/2013

There are lots of “types” of Christ throughout the Old Testament, but Joseph is perhaps
the strongest. This message explores what that means.

The Dying Faith of Joseph

Tim Theule | Genesis 50:22-26 | 3/3/2013


Even here in the very last paragraph in Genesis, the Gospel promise of God is in view. Joseph, like his father, refuses to be laid to rest in comfortable Egypt, but instead fixes his heart on God’s future by faith.

The Living Faith of Joseph

Tim Theule | Genesis 50:15-21 | 2/17/2013

Sometimes receiving forgiveness is as hard as extending it!  In Genesis 50:15-21, Joseph's brothers fear the retribution of Joseph after the death of their father Jacob, despite his long kindness over the last 17 years.  Joseph's response is a portrait of shining faith.  

The Death of Jacob

Tim Theule | Genesis 49:28-50:14 | 2/10/2013

This message explores Jacob’s dying charge to his sons and why it’s so important to him.

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Tim Theule | Genesis 49:1-28 | 2/3/2013

Amidst all the blessings of Jacob’s 12 sons, one stands out above the rest. . . .

The Crossing of Jacob’s Hands

Tim Theule | Genesis 48 | 1/27/2013


As we near the end of the book of Genesis we come to this strange story of the crossing of Jacob’s hands in the blessing of Joseph’s sons. The text highlights the event, carefully pointing it out to us. This message explores what it means and how it showcases the primary themes throughout Genesis.

The God of Jacob

Tim Theule | Genesis 48 | 1/13/2013

God’s grace shines once more in Genesis 48 as Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

Blessings For All

Jeff Jennings | Genesis 47 | 1/6/2013

In Genesis 47, Jacob and the family make a move to Egypt- this was no ordinary moving truck-and find themselves in the land of strangers. But there was one who wasn’t a stranger, Joseph- and one even closer than that, God Himself.

The Family Reunion

Ken Peet | Genesis 46:1-7,28-34 | 12/30/2012

Last Sunday, in chapter 45 of Genesis, we saw the reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers and this morning in chapter 46 we will see it between Joseph and his father Jacob. As Jacob pulls his family together and they all set out for Egypt, on the way he spends some time in Beersheba offering sacrifices to the God of his father Isaac, and then arriving in Egypt we read of his sweet reunion with his long lost son, Joseph.


Tim Theule | Genesis 45 | 12/23/2012


The long awaited reconciliation between Joseph and his brothers finally happens in Genesis 45. Looking closely at how it happens in these relationships can help us understand how it might happen in any relationship.

The Final Test

Tim Theule | Genesis 44:1-34 | 12/16/2012


Joseph’s grace again becomes “frosty” in Genesis 44, as he recreates the ultimate and final test for his brothers. Here we see the profound transformation that God has wrought in the lives of these brothers. Here we’re reminded that God really can change lives.

Desperate Again

Tim Theule | Genesis 43 | 12/9/2012


In Genesis 43, Act II in this drama of reconciliation, faith struggles against fear and famine and leads to an unexpected feast, marked by surprises and tests.

A Strange Reunion

Tim Theule | Genesis 42 | 12/2/2012

Pain. Providence. Promise. We see the interweaving of the three yet again in this next chapter in the Life of Joseph and yet again we are challenged to trust these same forces are at work in our lives.

Beyond Measure He Is Faithful

Jeff Jennings | Genesis 41:38-57 | 11/25/2012


It is shocking to see just how fast Joseph goes from the pit to the pinnacle – a quick shave, a new suit, and the royal scepter while you’re at it. We know how Joseph responded to adversity, but how will he respond to grace beyond measure? Genesis 41:38-57

The Matter is Determined by God

Tim Theule | Genesis 41:1-40 | 11/4/2012

In God’s gracious providence, everything counts. Every dungeon is a training ground. Every turn of fortune is an opportunity to glorify the Lord. In Genesis 41, Joseph is lifted from the dungeon to the throne and lives for the Lord along the way.

Preparation Through Pain

Jeff Jennings | Genesis 40 | 10/28/2012


From the pinnacle to the pit, Joseph finds himself again in the darkest confines. The fulfillment of Joseph’s dreams must have seemed desperately close as he ruled in the palace of Potipher, only to find himself now, in shackles and chains. Was he desperate, devastated, hopeless, or exactly where God had planted him? Where are you? Genesis 40 tells us a lot.

Facing Temptation

Tim Theule | Genesis 39:5-16 | 10/21/2012

How does temptation present itself? And how do we resist? We learn a lot from Joseph in Genesis 39.

Blessed & Accused

Tim Theule | Genesis 39:1-23 | 10/14/2012

Sometimes when you’re doing everything right, everything goes wrong! That’s the story of Joseph in Genesis 39 and the yet the text makes it clear, “The Lord was with Joseph.”

The Hidden Work of God

Tim Theule | Genesis 37:9-36 | 10/7/2012


Genesis 37 is striking for its lack of mention of God and yet God is clearly at work in hidden ways.  That’s also true in our lives.

A Broken Family

Tim Theule | Genesis 37:1-20 | 9/30/2012

As we embark on our study of "The Life of Joseph" series, we orient ourselves to the context and background of Genesis.  One thing is clear in Genesis:  God's purpose, plan and grace comes through really broken, sinful people.  What this tells us is that the Gospel of God's grace is not traditional religion.

The Life of Joseph: An Introduction

Tim Theule | Genesis 37:1-11 | 9/23/2012

We are living in a culture dominated by a materialistic worldview. It tells us all we see is material. The universe is an accident. History is meaningless. Our lives are random. Morality is a construct. Pain has no purpose.

In this message, we introduce our series on the Life of Joseph and discover that the Bible presents to us a very different reality. In the life of Joseph, we see the mingling of pain and God’s larger providence . . . and so much more.