Why Serve?

Tim Theule | Ephesians 4 | 10/5/2014

Jesus has promised to build His church, but how does that happen?   In this message from Ephesians 4, we'll see that serving one another together is a big part of how that happens.  

Why Church? Why Worship?

Tim Theule | Matthew 16:13-18 | 9/28/2014

WHY Church?  It's a vital question that people are asking today in our individualized, privatized, and techy culture.  So many people have been hurt by churches.  Others view the church as outdated, out of touch and irrelevant.   Whether your committed to the church or your not, it's an important question.   And Jesus Himself answers the question in Matthew 16. 

Why Multisite?

Tim Theule | | 9/21/2014

In these days of blessing, GraceSLO finds itself facing capacity challenges.  We find our facilities, our services and our downtown parking maxed out.  Yet we feel like God is calling us to more.  After much prayer and discussion, our elders sense that God is giving us a way forward through a vision to become a multisite church or 'one church that meets in more than one location.'  This message explains that vision and answers the question 'WHY multisite? 

Why Family Worship?

Tim Theule | Deuteronomy 31:7-13 | 9/14/2014

What is 'Family Worship' and why are we committed to it here at Grace Central Coast? 

Why Growth Groups?

Tim Theule | Various Passages | 9/7/2014

Growth Groups are the heart and soul of GraceSLO for a whole bunch of reasons.