Waging Peace

So Far As It Depends on You

Tim Theule | Romans 12:14-21 | 8/26/2018

We wrap up our Waging Peace summer series with a straightforward look at the reality that conflict is messy, repentance doesn't always happen, reconciliation and restoration isn't always achieved, and peace isn't always possible.  What do we do in these situations?

Look Also to the Interests of Others

Nick Shorts | 1 Samuel 25:23-35 | 8/19/2018

At the end of the day, conflict often demands a solution in regards to material items. If glorifying God is our ultimate goal, then we should aim to wisely and compassionately serve the interests of others alongside our own.

Giving Forgiveness in Conflict

Tim Theule | Matthew 18:21-35 | 8/12/2018

We continue our Waging Peace series with a look at 'Giving Forgiveness in Conflict' as we explore the complexities and challenge of forgiving one another from the heart.  

Gently Restoring in Conflict

Al Streder | Matthew 18:15-17 | 7/29/2018

Continuing our summer series Waging Peace we move from confronting our own part in a conflict to gently confronting the other party with a goal of restoration. 

Confession & Repentance

Miles Nelson | Psalm 32:1-5 | 7/22/2018

We continue our exploration of Biblical principles for 'Waging Peace' with knowing what confession and repentance are all about.

Getting Real About Your Own Part in Conflict

Tim Theule | Matthew 7:1-5 | 7/15/2018

We continue our practical look at how to deal with the everyday conflicts we all face in our series Waging Peace.  In this message we think about 'getting real about your part in conflict' 

Glorifying God in Conflict

Tim Theule | 1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1 | 7/1/2018

We continue our Waging Peace summer series with the first of several practical Biblical principles for resolving the conflicts we face every day.

Power of One

Ben Collins | John 17:20-26 | 6/24/2018

Conflict is inevitable, and yet God's vision for his people is one of peace and unity. This week we'll focus on the call to be One and the power to be One from Jesus' prayer from John 17. 

The Inevitability & Opportunity Of Conflict

Nick Shorts | James 4:1-10 | 6/17/2018

Wanna fight? Probably not. There's very little that is appealing about conflict. Still, the Bible makes it clear that nobody can escape conflict, but promises that even our worst quarrels and frustrating interactions can provide an opportunity for the Gospel to shine through.