Wise Guys

Do Not Be Afraid I Bring You Good News of Great Joy

Al Streder | Luke 2:1-18 | 12/28/2014

Three powerful words are used to described this momentous birth: Savior, Christ and Lord.  We use these terms so casually, but each tells us something extraordinary about who Jesus really is.  There should be no fear for those who know Jesus as Savior, as Christ and Lord. 

Do Not Be Afraid For You Have Found Favor With God

Dale Barrett | Luke 1:26-38 | 12/21/2014

To the unbeliever, the incredible claims of Christianity may seem impossible to even explore.  For the believer, the inevitable challenges faced in living out his faith may seem impossible to embrace.  The result is a common fear that must literally ask - "Can I trust God?"  "Can I trust his Word?"  Jesus' words to a fearful Mary were simply, "Nothing is impossible with God."  Whether a seeker or a believer, faith in God is the step by which we access the world of what seems impossible.

Do Not Fear When God's Plan is Not Your Plan

Ken Peet | Matthew 1:18-25 | 12/14/2014

This Sunday we will continue our Wise Guys Christmas Series by looking at Matthew’s account of the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-25.  We will look specifically at Joseph’s role in the story as he is told by an angel of the Lord, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for the Child who has been conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.”

Do Not Fear Your Prayer Is Heard

Duane Johnson | Luke 1:11-20 | 12/7/2014

Fear is not the emotion that we usually associate with the birth of the Messiah, but it was the most common emotion expressed when the message of his birth was delivered. No one had seen an angel or heard a prophet for 400 years and now suddenly an angel appears and Zechariah is terrified. But there is no need for the children of God to fear in the presence of God.

When I Am Afraid

Tim Theule | Psalm 56 | 11/30/2014

Fear is a frequent feeling in our hearts.  And so, fear is a frequent topic in the Bible.  Again and again the Lord says to His people, "Do not be afraid."  In Psalm 56, David let's us into his heart as he combats and confronts his own fears.