Young Guns

Why Worldly Wisdom is Not Real Wisdom

Al Streder | Various Passages | 7/27/2014

In a world that greatly values educational pedigree and 'smart' people, wisdom is ironically in short supply.  The Bible offers insight into why that is so, and it tells us what True wisdom looks like and how to obtain it.

Jesus, the True Vine

Nick Shorts | John 15:1-11 | 7/20/2014

Jesus lays out Christianity 101 when He describes himself as a Vine. Then, He calls us branches. Using a simple metaphor, this illustration shows us the foundational truths to saving faith.

Jesus, the True Shepherd

Miles Nelson | John 10 | 7/13/2014

The Bible often compares us to sheep.  That’s not a compliment!  But thankfully, Jesus presents Himself as our true Shepherd.   But what kind of Shepherd is Jesus?  John 10 tells us. 

Jesus, the True Life

Jeff Jennings | John 3:1-21 | 7/6/2014

The most well known verse in the entire Bible, John 3:16, is the centerpiece of an interesting exchange between Jesus and Nick at night. The kingdom of God was breaking into the world in Jesus, and a second birth was needed to be granted admission to His kingdom and everlasting life. Jesus lays out God’s plan of salvation, the necessity of belief, and the divine motive - God SO loved the world! 

No Place for Shame in Christ

Ben Collins | Luke 8:40–48 | 6/29/2014

After healing a woman from twelve years of bleeding, Jesus heals again, and this time he heals her shame. Jesus takes this shame-shackled outcast and declares her to be a dignified and beloved daughter of the Most High God in accordance with her faith in Him. There is no place for shame in Christ. 

Our New Identity from Our Old Testament

Tim Fox | 2 Corinthians 6:14—7:1 | 6/22/2014

Paul uses the entire sweep of the Old Testament to explain that Christians have received a new identity through what Jesus has done for us. When we truly understand our new identity, we will necessarily live as a holy community in the midst of a culture that roots identity in prosperity, comfort, and social status.